What the competition’s saying about the Maverick Classic…

Hi Team,

Maverick Classic – Race Report 

The 4-Stage Maverick Classic in Fruita CO. had everything you want in a stage race, as Ken predicted. This is the first year Colorado Mesa College opened the Collegiate State Championships to all age groups. Participation was good for a first-time effort: 55+ age group had 8 riders including Ed Chamberlin, the current National Champion, and two of his LTR Sports teammates Gerd and Bob, and since I had no team mates it was three-on-one all weekend. Here’s my 55+ assessment:

Stage 1, Downtown Fruita Crit – Thirty minutes, flat, wide open, and four-corners with a good number of spectators making noise. At the finish I was lining up to sprint for third. In the second to last corner I lost my line in possibly the fastest crit corner I’ve ever taken … I was gapped 6 bike lengths and couldn’t close it, taking 4th.

Stage 2, TT – 11.6 miles, rollers, never saw a car on the country road, good surface. Finished 4th close to 3rd … reasonable for me, but I should have been on the podium!!

Stage 3, Downtown Grand Junction Crit – Twenty-five minutes, 10 corners, tight, some relatively narrow serpentine areas, excellent street surface, huge crowds and right in the middle of the cafe and restaurant district, excellent spectator viewing not to mention the beer garden!!  Michael Newsome, the race favorite flatted, he cut the course to the wheel pit and was disqualified by the official. He had to abandon this and the remaining races. I was in a reasonable position and out sprinting one of the three LTR Sports competitors, finishing 3rd –won a bill cap, that was fortuitous as I’d failed to bring a cap on the trip.

Stage 4, Grand Junction/Paradise Road Race – During the race it was hard not to stop at all the wineries on the route, but I managed to stay in the race, beautiful rolling hills, two relatively steep 4-5 min climbs. It was three-on-one from the get go. I didn’t chase Ed, but covered his two-team mates as they alternated attacks. After the 6th or so attack I cut my losses and let Gerd roll off the front. After that, there was one major attempt to drop me on a hill where Bob gapped me 75 yds., Ed being the nice guy he is offered to ride with me the rest of the day, but at the top of the hill Bob started fading and I was able to close the gap. At the finish, I normally have a very short, fast finish for 20 yds., and won a number of sprints last year coming around late, but here Bob had superior short power but couldn’t hold it. 200 yds. Out, I slid back 6 bike lengths from Ed and Bob, gassed it and came up in their slip steam and launched around them … beating both of them and taking 2nd. An excellent RR finish for me. Won a nice bottle of Palisade Cabinet Franc, $20 prize money, a spaghetti dinner and $10 of beer at the local pub.

Summary; Lots of excellent racing for the time and money invested. This race is on my calendar for next year. I know it coincided with Walla Walla this year, but the team should consider this race, come in force and dominate Colorado.

I failed to mention, the Crit primes in Grand Junction are for growlers from local pubs. And the Hot Tomato pizza café in Fruita has a thin crust that is to die for. 

Desert Give Back!

Desert Give Back! We are having fun doing some great give back events. Don’t have the time, but want to contribute? Come by the shop and purchase a raffle ticket to win a bike! Heck, purchase 100 tickets! 100% of the money raised will go to COPMOBA.

– Desert Clean Up Day!  We are sponsoring a desert clean up day, 18 April any time!  The majority of the work will happen between 10a and 3p, but feel free to stop by and pick up a few spent shot gun shells or beer cans any time!  We have provided and paid for a roll-off dumpster to be located in the lower desert at the Rumble at 18 Road Start / Finish Area.  We are putting the word out, but please spread the word with your friends.    More hands always helps.  We are not asking for any huge time commitment, heck, just come out for a ride, pick up debris for 15 minutes, refuel with some H2O, and continue with your ride.

– Bike Raffle! – In conjunction with the Rumble at 18 Road, we have donated a bike to be raffled off. Tickets are $5. We are selling tickets at LTR Sports shop right now, then will move the bike and raffle to the Rumble at 18 Road venue on 19 April. The winner will be selected during the awards. 100% of the raffle money raised goes to COPMOBA!

– Donation! – We enlisted the shop, and all of our staff at the shop. We were able to donate $500 so far to COPMOBA.

Directions to the Rumble at 18 Road Desert Clean Up area:
NOTE: The parking, staging and start / finish is not at the 18 road campgrounds. We are in the lower desert. Get to Fruita, Colorado (Interstate 70, Exit 19), Go North on Cherry Until Ottley, Go East on Ottley until Maple (17 1/2), -North on Maple (17 1/2) until N 3/10, East on N 3/10 Until 18 Road, North on 18 Road 3.2 miles, Cross Cattle guard, at BLM Sign, turn Right. Take this road 2 miles to Parking Area.

Rumble Volunteers!

Ready for a great time on 19 April!

The Rumble is happening.  We need just a couple more volunteers on Saturday from 7a until app 3p.  If you are available, and want to help out, send me an email / text / phone call.

Mike Driver

Second TT Sim Sunday

Road Team,

We’re going to do another simulated Time Trial on the 11 mile Maverick Classic Time Trial course Sunday.  Get some tips on time trialing or dial in your effort for the race – this is open to anyone.  The course starts about 100 meters north of 17 Road and K Road (Ottley) in Fruita but we’ll meet at 2:00 pm at Canyon View and warm up on the way out.  John Morris will be our Starter/Timer.

See you out there!



Mark your Calendar! – Great Mental Health Day – Desert Clean up Coming up!

18 April 2014!

We will be hosting a desert clean up day!  Our plan is to start small at the start / finish area of the Rumble at 18 Road.  Who knows if our great positivity and infectious attitude spreads, we could conquer a larger portion.

We will be out from 10am til 7pm.  You don’t need to be there the entire time, come out when it is convenient for you!  This is all about giving back, and spreading positive vibes.  If you spend one hour, your efforts will be appreciated by us, and the universe.

We will have H2O to drink, and a dumpster on site.

Thanks!  Hope to see you out there!

How to get there:
We are in the lower desert.  Get to Fruita, Colorado (Interstate 70, Exit 19), Go North on Cherry Until Ottley, Go East on Ottley until Maple (17 1/2), -North on Maple (17 1/2) until N 3/10, East on N 3/10 Until 18 Road, North on 18 Road 3.2 miles, Cross Cattle guard, at BLM Sign, turn Right. Take this road 2 miles to Parking Area.
*Just in case, here is a link to directions and a map:  Directions to Start – Finish – Staging.

Rumble at 18 Road – Just 15 Days Away! – We need a few volunteers please

The Rumble is just over two weeks away!  Your team is hosting this race!

This weekend you will start to see signs being posted at the trail heads letting everyone know about the race.

If you are not going to race, and want to hang out with some really awesome people having a great time, please consider volunteering!

18 April Friday – 9a-12noon Course and Venue Setup.

19 April Saturday – 7am 3pm – Course Marshalls, Course Breakdown, Site Cleanup.

We appreciate any time you can donate.  If you are interested, please send Mike an email with your availability.  mdriver@ltrsports.com

Maverick Classic Sign-ups needed

Road Team,

If you’re planning to ride in the Maverick Classic Stage Race (and you all should!) It would be helpful if you could register sooner than later.  The organizing committee is concerned that out of town racers will be discouraged by seeing the few entrants we currently have and not make the trip.  We’re trying to make this a big local race with lots of open categories but that all depends on the numbers we get to register.  So go for it!

The TT sim was great, Steve Slaughter smoked us with the fastest time and Marta Morris held off a strong chase by Bob Smith who dropped 7 minutes from his previous time.  We’ll plan another.  Thanks to John and Stephanie Morris for timing/starting.  Gerd and I were feeling the effects of a hard week of intervals – but we’ll be back…